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"We provide premium care management services to adults living with memory loss by our healthcare professionals."

Services We Offer

Our staff are health care professionals trained in memory loss and adult health. The process starts with an initial phone call to our office. We gather basic information (intake) of the situation. Our staff prepares a list of options of services based on the clients' needs. The care partner and/or the caregiver can choose the services that best fits their needs. A care plan is developed when a client is enrolled in our services.


Each service is customized to meet the individual needs:


Caregiver Assessment Care Management

The caregiver is the client. The caregiver assessment is a service that helps caregivers solve the problems associated with caregiver burnout, leading to caregiver strain, and poor client care. The care manager finds resources and respite care.

Quality of Life Care Management

Quality of life Care Management Plus (QOL) serves the client who lives at home or needs a higher level of care. The caregiver or client is seeking information on activities that enhance the clients cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual quality of life. Our care manager works with the caregiver to find the right in home service for the client. The care manager makes home visits based on the clients' needs.


Medication Management

Medication Management services assures the clients' prescribed medications are taken correctly. Medications are set up by a Registered Nurse (RN) ordered by prescribing physicians. The care manager collaborates closely with the clients' prescribing physician and pharmacist to achieve positive outcomes for the client.

Transition Care

Transition care is the movement of the client form one health care facility (hospital, rehab., etc.) to return home. The care manager coordinates care by collaborating with other services to ensure a safe transition from the facility to the clients' home. The care manager also coordinates a follow up visit with the client's physician(s).

Relocation Care Management

Relocation Care Management is a service that helps solve the difficult dilemmas of older people and their families who are considering a move or relocation of the older person and need help in assuring how and where to move the client. The care manager will present good, narrowed choices to the family and prepare the older person to make the move.

End of Life Care

End of life care is a group of services that address the client's needs at the end of their life.  The care manager provides education on death and dying and coordinates care with the clients' and/or caregiver's choice of palliative or hospice care.

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Care Management specializing in memory loss

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